Seasonal Considerations
  • 01-Dec-2013

We have recently experienced strong winds, and cold weather has been forecast. The government has been encouraging us to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings, and now those of us who have upgraded our insulation and installed more efficient boilers ... Read more ..

Everyone’s an expert!
  • 01-Nov-2013

Our office library is shrinking. Year on year we find that more information is available on line, and that it’s quicker to access than getting up from the desk to wander ... Read more ..

  • 30-Sep-2013

The choice of floor finish can have a dramatic influence on the perceived ‘quality’ of a space. There is a great variety in the cost of the various finishes available, and floors are often an area in which our Clients who wish to save money elsewhere would like money to be spent. Read more ..

How to spot an Architect.
  • 31-Aug-2013

The bow-tie and round glasses are no longer a mandatory requirement of the RIBA, since the invention of the zip and contact-lenses, so how do you spot an Architect? Read more ..

The Green Deal
  • 31-Jul-2013

This recently launched government scheme does not appear to have been as popular as they hoped, but it is not as yet clear why… Read more ..

Permitted Development
  • 30-Jun-2013

Not all building works or changes of use require planning permission and Government has recently extended permitted development rights. However the relaxed rules are complicated. Read more ..

Surprises from the past
  • 01-Jun-2013

Whilst undertaking a recent project involving masonry repairs to an historic building, the Contractor uncovered some unexpected finds hidden within the depths of the walls. Read more ..

Who's going to build it?
  • 12-May-2013

In our last article we considered procurement; how to ask a contractor for a price and ensure we are confident with it. Now we consider which Contractors to ask. Read more ..

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