Up on the roof.
  • 12-Aug-2012

We work on numerous historic buildings where the roofs have stood the test of time. In many cases roofs have lasted well over a hundred years (perhaps with a few minor repairs here and there) and have many more years of serviceable life before they will need to be replaced. Often lead-work has historic graffiti. Read more ..

Getting the ‘right’ quality.
  • 12-Jul-2012

Imagine an equilateral triangle. At one corner is ‘quality’, another ‘time’ and the third ‘cost.’ These three considerations are in conflict and somewhere within this triangle is a point at which lies the most appropriate compromise between them. Read more ..

A multi-disciplinary practice.
  • 12-Jun-2012

Last Month we considered accessibility. There was a photograph of a ‘non-compliant’ Accessible WC in the bottom left corner. Read more ..

Easier Access Makes Business Sense
  • 12-May-2012

Improvements to building accessibility need not be problematic and, in the case of businesses can be advantageous for trading and profitability. Read more ..

Why use an Architect?
  • 12-Apr-2012

A building project may be required for a number of reasons – to remedy an existing structural defect, to accommodate a particular function, (or make an existing space better support the functions required of it), or to improve the appearance of an existing place. Read more ..

How can I decide what I want?
  • 12-Mar-2012

Buildings are normally built to meet a need – that’s one of the differences between Architecture and Sculpture… but that’s the beginning of a discussion that could go on for weeks! Read more ..

Why does my building have stone slates at the eaves?
  • 12-Feb-2012

Many historic buildings in and around Dorset feature a few courses of large stone slates at the eaves, and then a completely different roof covering (often tiles or metamorphic slates) above this. This peculiar practice is a distinctive feature of the local vernacular and the reason for it is not obvious. Read more ..

Can I turn my loft into a useable space?
  • 12-Jan-2012

Last month, we noted that sometimes great benefit can be achieved by bringing an underused existing space into use. One very obvious example of this is the loft conversion. Read more ..

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