Permitted Development

Not all building works or changes of use require planning permission and Government has recently extended permitted development rights. However the relaxed rules are complicated.

Marshwood Cover

There are new provisions (but only temporarily until May 2016) to allow larger extensions to houses without the need for planning permission. However these provisions do not apply in all cases and they require Prior Notification of the District Council who, subject to any representations received from neighbours, may require submission of a planning application.

There are also provisions that may allow office buildings to be converted to houses (provided they are not listed as being of architectural or historic interest), allow extensions to shops, and allow more flexibility between retail uses.

Importantly to many readers of the Marshwood Vale many of the relaxations do not apply in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or conservation areas, or where they affect Sites of Special Scientific Interest. However an area of planning relaxation that is likely to be particularly relevant to the area is the allowance for small agricultural buildings (provided they are also not listed) to be put to a variety of other uses.

As an Architectural Practice with a specialist Planning Consultant JSCP are in an ideal position to help you if you have proposals for building work or change of use of an existing building or area of land and we would be pleased to work with you towards an objective of achieving planning permission or, alternatively, being able to confirm that planning permission is not required.

Of course we would be able to represent you if you have concerns about prospective developments which may affect you, and you wish your views to be taken into account when the planning decision is made.