The Green Deal

This recently launched government scheme does not appear to have been as popular as they hoped, but it is not as yet clear why…

Marshwood Cover

The idea is to encourage energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses, effectively by providing a loan for improvements. These include a wide range of measures such as increased insulation, double glazing, a more efficient boiler, solar panels, etc. These improvements result in reduced energy consumption, and the saving is split to provide both a reduction in fuel bills, and repayment of the loan.

On the face of it everyone ‘wins’. So why has there not been more take-up?

  • People may not know about the scheme.
  • They may prefer to invest their own money in such improvements rather than going through the scheme.
  • There may be reasons why efficiency ‘upgrades’ are not possible – for example, permission may not be granted for the proposed alterations if the building is Listed, or the roof may face the wrong way for solar panels. However, in most cases it will be possible to make some improvements.

Perhaps the most likely reason is simply apathy. It does take time and effort to find out about and apply for the scheme and in the glorious weather we have recently been enjoying, the heating bill just isn’t interesting.

So have we written about a subject that is not interesting! Must think of something a bit more fun for next month…perhaps tax in relation to buildings?         

NB: For more detail on the scheme, refer to the government’s website, ( there is not room to duplicate it here.